About Us

Welcome to Springfield-farm, we are very excited to open up to the public and offer some new events and fun filled days for education and entertainment on our working farm.

Springfield farm is a family run farm here in the heart of North Devon, the farm consists of 1000 breeding ewes and batch rears around 400 calves each year in a modern and high welfare shed. The flock we are currently running on the farm is a Highlander/Romney breed which has been selected due to their size, ease of lambing and vigor of lambs which suit our outdoor lambing and low input system. The calves we get are mostly British blue crosses and all come from a another local farm here in North Devon!

We strive to teach the public how great British farming is and let you get hands on; helping on a real working farm.

Meet the animals

Valais Sheep

We are lucky enough here at Spring-Field Farm to have a small flock of Valais Blacknose sheep, this comprises of five ewes and our gentle giant "Fred the Ram"
These sheep are very friendly, love attention, and are known as the "cutest sheep in the world"
Henrika: has two Bonny boys at the moment
Fluer has her little girl Gwen with her
Wilma a beautiful ewe lamb who will be visiting a few shows this year!

Commerical Sheep Flock

We currently have a thousand Highlander breeding ewes. Sheep naturally lamb in early spring, once the frosty winter has passed and spring’s fresh grass is growing, which is why we start lambing in April. This gives newborn lambs the best chance of survival and helps get them off to a healthy start.
700 Ewes in our A flock, which consists of our top performing ewes.
400 Ewes in our B flock, which we put to a terminal sire to produce lambs for consumption.
On average we keep our lambs for 9 months, where they'll weigh a minimum of 42kg, and we strive to achieve this off of a predominantly grass-based system.
We batch rear British blue cross calves here at Springfield, they all come in from one farm to try and reduce any health problems and we strive to provide a very high welfare setting for them to be reared in which helps us keep them happy and healthy.
We have brother and sister donkeys Bobby and Dizzy, who love a good scratch and a carrot!!

In addition to the animals detailed above, there will be a selection of small animals available for handling and petting during your visit to Spring-Field Farm.


How to Find Us

We are located just outside Barnstaple.

Find us on Google Maps or follow our directions below. Please note that your satnav may not bring you to the door!

Springfield Farm
EX31 4DU